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Our company can manufacture natural stone handcrafts for exporting to Japan,USA,France,England ,Germany, Australia, Korea,etc. for many years,our main products are: natural stone mortar & pestle ,stone cup,stone bowl, stone mill,stone grinder,stone vessel ,stone plate,Pizza baking stone,toothbrush stone cup,toilet paper stone jar,stone bones ashes urn, candle stone platform, stone cup cushion,etc. We sincerely wish to cooperate with you for business.

  • China Dingli Stone
  • Shuiyu Industrial Zone of Wulian ,rizhao city,Shandong,China
  • 262300
  • 86-633-2255265
  • 86-633-5230275
  • sun hui (General Manager)
  • 0633-5230275

Last Modified : 2016 - 04 - 21
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